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Topics: Brown v. Board of Education, Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Plessy v. Ferguson Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: March 18, 2013
My project is about Brown v. Board of Education. The reason Brown v. Board of education started/ happened was because the parents of colored children were feeling as if the black schools were not getting the equal education as the white schools were. Most parents wanted their children to go to school with white children for different reasons being of better education, location convince, and the quality of the school. Brown v. Board of Education came to be when Oliver brown and thirteen other Black parents tried to enroll their students in white schools. They got turned down because they were African Americans. The fourteen parents and their children returned back to their black schools more than 20 miles away from their houses. Going to the white school would have saved them time because it was so close to their houses. Oliver Brown was upset when he heard that his daughter Linda Brown could not go to school with white children because the color of her skin. Oliver participated in a case called Brown v. Board of Education. The first case was held in Topeka Kansas. Finally after several cases Brown won. The Supreme Court became less liberal about Plessy v. Ferguson. Plessy v. Ferguson was an 1896 decision by the US Supreme Court that confirmed the principle of "Separate but Equal" and minority segregation. 

The case began in Louisiana in 1892. Homer Plessy agreed to be arrested to test the 1890 law establishing "whites only" train cars. Although he himself was one-eighth black and seven-eighths white, he was still legally required to sit in the "colored" car of the train. In Topeka, Kansas in the 1950s, schools were segregated by race. Each day, Linda Brown and her sister had to walk through a dangerous railroad switchyard to get to the bus stop for the ride to their all-black elementary school. There was a school closer to the Brown's house, but it was only for white students. Linda Brown and her family believed that the segregated school system violated...
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