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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Mysteries of centuries are engraved in the authentic tea ceremony. The connection of three essential symbols of life – mind, body and spirit is making the ceremony a genuine process of discovering balance, harmony and peace. To learn and follow the principles of tea ceremony means gaining a true power to forgive, respect, understand and help others. These essential fuels of heroic life are to be understood by each and every person. It truly takes time, patience, peace of mind to incorporate these vital principles into one’s life. The unit generates the important ideas for the students about heroism of being true to one’s intentions, aspirations as well as being good to others in all areas of life, in all situations. Therefore, this unit gives a food for thought about the eternal principles of life and universe, where we all dwell and have our being. Personal heroism as well as human awareness about the valuable and noble qualities that determine fully the quality of our lives is reflected in the tranquil ceremony and peaceful environment. Despite religions and beliefs, the tea ceremony unites different cultures and pushes them up to be as one. Core principles of the ceremony basically define common values and beliefs of each individual. So general and broad becomes scared and specific. The unit discovers one’s personal truth and the principles of inner peace, wisdom, patience transcend into human heroic principles, as it takes a lot of strength and courage to be ready to achieve spiritual heights. Transforming the knowledge into one’s life is another heroic step that incorporates the best qualities, aspirations of a person into real-world situations. Among hatred and wars, there appears a place for peace, love and absolute harmony. That place is human soul. To be a hero means to unfold all the inner knowledge and power and use it with greatest benefit to the surrounding world as well as to oneself. The personal heroism, just like personal consciousness has a...
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