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A hero to me is someone who has courage, bravery or the ability to do something out of the ordinary to help another person and expect nothing in return. A hero has many definitions that show examples like comic book super heroes to your local police officers but in reality any normal person can be a hero in someone’s eyes.

You see heroes everywhere but sometimes you just never pay attention to what’s going on. For example you can be walking downtown and pass by an alley where someone is being robbed and a good Samaritan jumps in to stop the robber just in time from taking let’s say that poor old woman’s hard earned money. Of course if you passed by right after the scuffle began you’d just think its two hooligans fighting for no reason. But to that old lady the person who stepped in and saved her life is a hero.

I’m going to categorize heroes in three ways “Save a life Hero”, “Sport Hero”, and “Position Hero”. The first is the “Save a life Hero” which is pretty self-explanatory. It’s someone who becomes a hero by saving a person’s life and being viewed as that person’s hero.

Second is the “Sport Hero”. A sport hero is an athlete that plays in your favorite sports team that in some big significant way had an effect on the leagues championship final game. For instance let’s say your Favorite basketball team was down by two points with just two seconds remaining. As they inbound the ball Tony Parker (we’ll use him for instance) shoots the ball from almost half the court and miraculously makes it giving the Spurs a one point win.

Third and last the “Position Hero” is someone who works in a position that automatically makes him be a hero. What I mean by this is a Police officer, Firemen, or a Doctor. Of course different people have different opinions on these positions but majority see officers as heroes because they put away the bad guys. Firemen are seen as heroes because we’ve all seen those TV shows where firemen drag someone from a burning house...
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