Hercules Comparison

Topics: Greek mythology, Heracles, Zeus Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: April 17, 2006
Many common movie watchers could tell you an immediate overview of the story ‘Hercules'. What many of them wouldn't know is that the story they are telling is only the twisted Disney version of an old Greek myth about an important hero. The general idea, however, happens to be true, a strong man saving lives. But looking closer at the details, the real idea behind the story means so much more. From the birth of Hercules, to upon his ‘death' there are many noticeable similarities, and differences. So lets crack open this book, or movie, and dig up the real truth of Hercules.

When Hercules was born the similarities represent their self the most then in any other part of his life. In both the movie and the book, Hercules is born a strong baby with out much wit. Many notice his strength very soon, and are amazed at how a little baby could do suck things. One example of this that is portrayed in the movie as well as the myth is how Hercules kills the snakes with such ease, and glee. Another important part of Hercules's youth is how he is raised. In both stories of Hercules, he is unknowingly raised by adoptive parents. These parents were kind to him, and helped create a productive individual, however holding back the truth was impossible, so he soon found out the real truth about his parents.

However, Disney still had a hard time getting all the facts straight about Hercules's youth. One obvious one would be the name of his real mother. In the myth his mothers name is Alcmena, while in the movie her name is Hera. One reason Disney could have changed the name of the mother to Hera, is that, that god is more present in all of Greek myths and by far more popular. Another difference about Hercules growing up is that in the movie it portrays Hercules's parents happily married, however, in the myth version, they didn't not get along at all.

There are few similarities of Hercules life as a hero in the myth and movie. One important similarity is how...
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