Herbie Context

Topics: Indigenous Australians, White people, Culture Pages: 4 (1275 words) Published: May 2, 2013
* Herbie’s mum (Mrs Waranda) was to humble and afraid to hate the white kids who teased her and the white men who had put her oldest boy in jail on a false charge, and the white women who stared at her as though she was the filth of the nation. This shows that she didn’t belong to the white culture and she was a part of the minority group in the town. * “He was different and us kids don’t like anything different”- Davey Morne. The white people in the story don’t life different people- evidence of that is how Herbie is constantly bullied at school and how Aboriginals are treated in the community. * Kevin Andrews swearing and calling Herbie names- Davey Morne does the same. Kevin may have learnt from his family.

Possible Context Sentence based on this last example:

The narrator, Davey Morne, describes Herbie as an “Abo” and “boong”, racist terns that are also used by other white teenagers in the story, including Kevin Andrews. This demonstrates to the readers that beliefs and statements of those around us, which form part of our culture, can affect our own opinions and language. People are often influenced by culture without being aware of it. * Located evidence of individual behaviour

* Located evidence of others’ similar behaviour or culture in the story * Made a link between the two to fashion an argument that “people are shaped by their culture”

In the text, Mrs Waranda was too scared to oppose the white people as she was a part of the minority group in the town. This was also the case as Herbie doesn’t speak up when the other kids bully him at school on a daily basis. This shows us that Herbie has been influenced by the culture around him to remain more reserved and to keep to himself.  Herbie and Mrs Waranda did not strike back against the white people as they were influenced by their own culture, and starting a fight wasn’t always the right way to solve things. Every day at school, Herbie has been called many racism names...
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