Henry A. Murray: The Thematic Apperception Test

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Henry A. Murray: The Thematic Apperception Test
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Henry A. Murray: The Thematic Apperception Test

In reading 36, from the book “Forty studies that changed Psychology: Explorations into the history of Psychological Research” by Roger R. Hock, Henry A. Murray is introduced as a Psychotherapist who creates a method of testing a person’s personality and subconscious, thoughts, desires, and fantasies; otherwise known as a “projective” test (Hock, R). Murray and his partner, Christiana D. Morgan created this test and called it the “Thematic Apperception Test”, also called the “TAT” test. This test focused on the sole interpretation of their test subjects and depicted drawings and photos of people in realistic and relatable situations. “The “TAT” test was adapted to measure anxiety by assessing associations of self (vs. other) with anxiety-related (vs. calmness-related) words” (Egloff, B & Schmukle, S). In the reading, Murray and Morgan, conduct a study on the effectiveness and possible flaws of this “TAT” test. The hypothesis of this study is if this “Thematic Apperception Test” is administered the subject/individual then will project their subconscious in their responses to the pictures/drawings of the “TAT” test. These results are then interpreted to help create a plan of action and a treatment plan for Counseling and Psychotherapy (Noy-Sharav, D).

In 1938, Murray published a book on his “Thematic Apperception Test”. He writes about the conclusion and results to his study. In this study, Murray gathers a group of male participants between the ages of twenty and thirty years old. He keeps all his actions, directions, and experimental instructions and environments all identical to each participant/subject. He had each participant face away from the experimenter while being presented drawings/pictures in which they were then asked to create an elaborate and/or creative and imaginative story that describes the depiction. Being that the...
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