Henry Viii Star or Monster

Topics: Henry VIII of England, English Reformation, Protestant Reformation Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Henry VIII Star Or Monster
Henry VIII as soon as you hear his name you can instantly think of something; his six wives, religious affairs and so on. Some people would see him as a ruthless murderer but on the other hand some people would see him as the countries saviour and one of the most powerful men ever to live. In this essay I will show both points of view and summarise these as my conclusion. In 1509 Henry was crowned king and from that day he has become a massive historic figure in our timeline. He was a wonderful sportsman he enjoyed many physical activities such as cricket, hunting, wrestling, tennis, archery, jousting and in the winter snow ball fighting. As a young man he was a skilled horse rider though as he got older, he put on a lot of weight and this lead to him exercising less and the less he exercised, the fatter he got. In the last few years of his life, he was affected by ulcerous legs that turned gangrenous, he may have had syphilis and he may have had osteomyelitis possibly caused by a jousting accident. He was highly intelligent. He enjoyed watching plays, he wrote poetry and he was a skilled lute player. Some historians believe that he wrote the famous song "Greensleeves". Henry VIII did made all of England Protestant which created the Church of England, which made everybody have their own religion, and not just catholic. Although you could look at this fact in both good and bad ways. On the other hand he did do many horrible things as well. On the 11th June 1509 Henry married Katharine of Aragon when he was only eighteen years of age. However Henry wasn’t very happy as Katharine had a baby girl and he needed a boy so he could be his heir. So he had an affair with Anne Boleyn. However, there was a problem for him. The Roman Catholic Church did not recognise or accept divorce. Henry, as with everybody else in England, was a Roman Catholic. He expected the Roman Catholic Church to make an exception for him as he was king of England....
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