Henry the VIII: Good or Bad King?

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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Henry VIII was King of England for 38 years from 1509 till 1547. Henry the VIII was the youngest son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. His parents spoiled him as a child because he was just a prince; his brother was the one who was the heir to the throne. That changed when Arthur died as a teenager, Henry was pushed into the role of his brother, and he had to marry his brothers widow, Catherine of Aragon. When his father died his was crowned king of England. There has been a lot of discussion on whether or not he was a good king, and I am going to try and make a conclusion.

Henry The VIII: Good OR Bad King?
Henry The VIII: Good OR Bad King?

When Henry VIII became King of England, he was a Catholic and had no problems with the rules of the church. However he was a man lustful for power and wanted this power to last so of course he would need a son, which his wife couldn’t give him at the time. Also influencing him was the fact that the churches in Europe were divided into Protestant and Catholic, Protestant by Martin Luther and Catholic by the pope.

His main reason for wanting to break away from the Catholic Church was to give power to his family, in which he needed a son but he couldn’t have a son with Catherine, his wife. So he wanted a divorce so he could marry someone else and divorcing at this time was against the Catholic law, and only the Pope can allow you to divorce. So Henry VIII got people to ask the Pope but was turned down and was told that he was not allowed to divorce his first wife Catherine. This got Henry very annoyed because he was King of England and didn’t like being told what to do by other people. He also had a very bad temper and quickly got annoyed that the Pope was trying to overrule him. Henry VIII was also very annoyed at Wolsey his adviser at the time for not being able to get him a divorce so he fired him and had him beheaded. He still didn’t have his divorce and also a new person had come to his...
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