Henry Hudson

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Henry Hudson
Henry Hudson was an English explorer and navigator in the 17th century. He was born in 1570 in England, His family was pure English. He had no recorded siblings. Because Hudson appears first in written records in 1607 and his life prior to his expeditions is unrecorded. Nothing is known up to this point. Considering his eventual position as ship's captain, however, he likely spent many of those early years at sea. He probably started as a cabin boy and gradually worked his way up to the rank of captain.  Hudson was married to a woman named Katherine because she petitioned the British East India Company to send a ship to look for Hudson three years after his disappearance. Hudson had three sons—Richard, John, and Oliver. John served as a ship's boy on all four of his father's voyages, and the mutinous crew left him to die as well. The reason Hudson became an explorer is because he was hired by the Muscovy Company of England to search for new routes to Asia and Africa, which the Dutch Navigator Willem Barents had failed to find. He died in 1611, in Hudson Bay, Canada. He died of common flu, because his crew had mutinied and marooned him and his son.

Henry Hudson was the commander of an English ship, the 80-ton Hopewell, and his loyalties lied with England. His 10 man crew consisted of Dutch and English sea-men, and his son John. The Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazany had previously discovered the New York Bay, and Hudson sailed his second ship, the Half-Moon down the river, very close to present day Albany. Also, the Dutch Navigator Willem Barents had previously failed to find the passage to Asia (as mentioned earlier) via the Novaya Zemlya. After failing in Barents footsteps, Hudson returned to England.

Henry Hudson took a great interest in exploring the Americas. He also explored areas of the Netherlands. One more thing he did was explore the eastern coast of Greenland. Hudson also sailed the Arctic twice and claimed area in Canada. He...
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