Helping the First Year Students

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The happenings in and around the campus -“the arena” where our operations are carried out has gotten to a point where if nothing is done we may be facing the threat of losing our relevance as a fellowship. These new happenings are resulting to clear paradigm shift in campus ministry and other campus cultures that determine, as well as control the “general campus fate”.

Without mincing words you will agree with me that if we are not wholistic and take pragmatic steps in response to the state of the Campus we shall continue to lose grip in terms of relevance and importance.

It is in the light of the above that the Social Response Unit is presenting the following for our consideration and urgent response.

It is said that “No man has it all but he can get it all in and with all”

What we are presenting are not an end in themselves, however; our intention is that with your various inputs ,they can serve as a means to an end in our quest to proffering solutions to the problems facing the campus world. So truly with you and in you we can get it all.

|Take a look at this: As at the last count our student population was just barely over | |25, 000, spread over 308 Campus groups nationwide. If we are going to transform the nation from the campus; numerical growth must not be | |compromised. | |Hear this; for 430 years the Israelites grew numerically through the womb of the Hebrew women to an appreciable population, large enough to be used | |by God to actualize the promise he made with Abraham, hence the need for us to grow numerically. | | | |What are we Grappling with? | |Great people of God we are being faced with the following issues, that are calling for our urgent response: | |HIV/AIDS. | |2. Post-modernism and Global Issues. | |3. Economic Empowerment. | |4. Reproductive Health. | |5. Examination Malpractices. | |6. Corruptions. | |7. Family and Communal Value. | |8. Leadership and Governance | |9. Drug Abuse. | |10.Security. | |How then can we respond to these issues as we work on campus, as a Staff workers? We need not to go far in answering this...
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