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Human Resources
With the rapid globalization of markets, as evidenced in part by the ascendance of emerging economies, sustainable growth is increasingly dependent on a company’s ability to secure and foster talented human resources with the ability to thrive on a global stage. Recognizing that its efforts to offer innovative products, services and content that enhance consumers’ lives depend on its ability to attract and retain talented employees, Sony ac tively pursues diversit y in recruitment and has created a global framework that enables talented employees to bring their capabilities into full play. Diversity in Recruitment With the aim of securing human resources with capabilities that transcend national, regional and business boundaries Sony’s recruitment policy emphasizes respect for each individual’s unique abilities and values. Sony is promoting the localization of its operations by working to secure local human resources that best respond to national, regional and location-specific needs, while aiming to secure talented employees to help its global businesses. As a part of securing 3.4 talented employees to help grow its global businesses, Sony recruits university graduates overseas to work in Japan. 9.9 Sony has also established a Global Internship Program 35.7 that welcomes university students from Europe, North America, 12.4 China and India, among others, to Tok yo. To f ur ther enhance its ability to recruit top-notch personnel from around 13.1

the world, Sony conducts intern recruitment sessions at universities, graduate schools and research facilities worldwide, as well as for groups of overseas students in Japan. Training & Development Sony of fers on-the-job learning, as well as a variety of programs designed to enhance individual abilities and specialized skills, which are tailored to local needs. These programs are designed to: • foster global business leaders and engineers; • nurture management skills, in line with the belief that leadership abilities are essential for employee growth; and • support individual career-building efforts.

Fostering Global Business Leaders
In 2000, Sony established Sony University, an educational program for Sony employees designed to help cultivate global leaders for the Company. In 2012, a branch of Sony University was opened in Singapore. The Singapore campus offers a wide range of development programs aimed at fostering global leaders who are able to lead effectively in emerging economies and around the world. Promoting Global Business Leaders As a truly global company, Sony recognizes the importance of cultivating talented employees with leadership potential and an international perspective. Since fiscal year 2008, Sony has appointed global talent directors from among its regional human resource managers. Global talent directors are charged with identifying promising individuals with the aim of fostering such individuals as future business leaders. To this end, Sony has also set up a global job rotation project, under which global talent directors select promising candidates and key positions within their particular area of responsibility and seek out appropriate matches during biannual sessions. At present, approximately 100 Sony employees, primarily managementlevel and mid-tier executives, are rotating through this project. In Latin America, for example, in fiscal year 2010, Sony introduced the Positioning for Success program, a job rotation initiative arranged by global talent directors. Basic Philosophy behind Rotation Project

Personnel by Geographic Segment


35.7% 25.5% 13.1% 12.4% 9.9% 3.4%

9.9 35.7

East Asia*1 Pan-Asia*2


North America Europe Latin America



Japan East Asia Pan-Asia

35.7% 25.5% 13.1% 12.4% 9.9% 3.4%

Number of employees: 162,700 (As of March 31, 2012) *1 Coverage area: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea *2 Coverage area: Southeast Asia, Middle East,...
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