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John Dalton was born on September 6th, 1766. He was born in Eagles field England, into a Quaker family. His father Joseph was a weaver, and his mother Deborah was a Quaker. Joseph and Deborah had three children Jonathan, John, and Mary. Dalton along with his other siblings attended a nearby Quaker school. Dalton was very much inspired by a wealthy neighbor, Elihu Robinson. He was an amateur scientist who to an interest in Dalton. Robinson described since to him and gave him hard math problems to solve. Dalton’s family was too poor to keep him and his siblings in school so they had to drop out. Dalton figured that if he couldn’t attend school, he would become a teacher so he could still learn. At the age of twelve Dalton began teaching. After a year, Dalton was not making enough money so he was forced to quit and work on local farms. Dalton moved to a town named Kendal and became an elementary school teacher at the age of 15. John Gough who was also a Quaker, recognized Dalton’s talent, and like Robinson, became his mentor. Gough taught Dalton Latin, Greek, French, and mathematics. He also taught Dalton some science including chemistry, and meteorology. Dalton took an interest in meteorology, so he began keeping a daily weather journal. By Daltons early twenties, he accepted a teaching job at a Quaker university, in Manchester, the largest city in England. He also joined several scientific organizations including, Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society. In 1793, Dalton published his first book, Meteorological Observations and Essays. The book was a summary of the meteorological techniques. In 1800, Dalton quit his teaching job and went into business. Dalton’s three achievements were that all matter is composed of extremely small, indivisible, and indestructible partials called atoms. Second he said that atoms of one element are exactly alike in every respect including weights, but have different formations. Lastly he said that when elements...
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