Helen Keller, Her Contributions to Society

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Madeline McIntosh

Helen Adams Keller Research Paper

English 9

28 March 2012

Helen Keller Courageous and Benevolent

Some people can see but have no vision. There lived a phenomenal person who could not see but had great vision. This person was Helen Keller. Keller was both blind and deaf, yet she accomplished more than the majority of the world’s non-disabled population. Helen Keller’s benevolence and courageousness in overcoming her disability led her to be one of the most intelligent and well-known women in the history of the United States. Keller’s courage was key to what made her successful despite her disabilities. Because of her courage, she overcame her disabilities and accomplished many amazing tasks throughout her life. Most deaf and blind people are very lucky and talented if they can accomplish simple tasks such as tying shoes, brushing teeth, or being able to dress themselves without help. But Keller took it much further than that. Take for example, with the help of Helen Keller’s teacher Anne Sullivan, she learned the whole entire manual alphabet, but, also that everything had a name (‘’Helen Adams Keller’’ para 2). Helen Keller was so intelligent that at the age of ten she even wrote a story called ‘’The Frost King’’ (para 4). Furthermore, during Helen Keller’s sophomore year at Radcliffe (1903), she wrote her first book named The Story of My Life ( para 8), and in 1904 graduated from Radcliffe College (para 5). In addition, Keller received an honorary award from Harvard ( para 17). However, Helen Keller’s success did not end there. She went on to learn five languages in addition to English (para 6), gave numerous lectures, wrote plenty more books, and even had a movie made based on her life (para 12)! All in all, Keller’s courageousness is what led her to have the very successful life that she did. Helen Keller’s benevolence in helping people and society as a whole is what led her to be as famous and...
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