Helen Keller

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Chynna Deaner
Honor’s English 11
24 May 2013
Helen Keller
Helen became ill at the age of nineteen months old in 1882. Helen sickness left her feeling alone where she began having temper tantrums. Her parents couldn’t communicate with her which made it impossible for them to be able to discipline her. Her parents desperately began looking for help through doctors and specialists. With help from doctors they were referred to Alexander Graham Bell. He later referred them to the director Michael Anagnus of the Perkins Institution Asylum for the blind. Michael Anagnus later introduced them to one of his students Anne Sullivan. Anne Sullivan came to live with the Keller’s on March 3 1887. Anne faced any challenges with Helen. She didn’t know how to deal with Helen temper which made it very challenging to teach Helen any learning methods. Anne came to believe that in order for her to teach Helen anything they must first build a bond and together they moved out into a cottage of their own. Together Anne and Helen began finger spelling words which Helen felt the shapes and motions made by her hand and fingers. At first Helen didn’t understand this method but she later adapted to it. After a while Helens temper improved and she grew to love Anne. Another method that left Anne to be known as the miracle worker was the day she taught Helen how to spell water. By placing Helens hand under running water and spelled ‘’W-a-t-e-r’’. “Helen got up this morning like a radiant fairy. She has flitted from object to object, asking the name of everything and kissing me for very gladness. Last night when I got into bed, she stole into my arms of her own accord and kissed me for the first time, and I thought my heart would burst, so full was it of joy” (Anne Sullivan). This was just the beginning of a communication breakthrough. Later Helen began to learn how people spoke by feeling there throat and their lips.

In 1921 The Foundation for the blind was organized....