Hebrew Worldview

Topics: God, Judaism, Abraham Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Hebrew Worldview
The entire Hebrew worldview is centered on their faith in God, who is the author of creation and the source of all that is good and righteous. In fact, it would be truly impossible to analyze any aspect of Hebrew culture without first considering their beliefs on God. They gained their purpose, morality, indeed, their sense of identity, from their Creator and Sustainer, a fact that make them unique from other historical cultures. Their views on God also affected how they viewed both the past and future, which they were equally proud of. The faith and worldviews of the Hebrew people were so deeply intertwined that it would be no exaggeration to say that they were one and the same. The Hebrew people gain their worldview on the earth’s origins from the book of Genesis, which is a critical foundation to the Hebrew belief structure. This book’s major focus is on the relationship between God and man, a relationship that the Hebrews viewed much differently than the Mesopotamians. Indeed, this difference in worldviews on the relationship between God and man significantly influences the overall difference in worldview. The Hebrews clearly viewed God as the supreme creator and ruler of the universe, from the outermost reaches of the heavens to the depths of the sea. This is evident from the beginning of Genesis, which opens with God creating light and the sky, separating land and water, placing the stars in the sky, populating the sky and the seas with birds and fish, filling the earth with animals, and finally creating man. As the supreme creator, God has complete power over the universe, in the eyes of the Hebrews. While God does possess ultimate power over his creation, it is important to note that he does not abuse this power, but gives man a certain degree of free will. Although God maintains his sovereignty, there is a type of balance that is achieved which keeps him from becoming a dictator. However, the book of Job reveals a misconception that...
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