Heart Disease

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Heart Disease

Stephanie Rodriguez



According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease is the most common death in the U.S. These heart attacks and strokes are responsible for more than 15 million deaths worldwide each year. Doctors assure that every day nearly 2,500 people in many other countries around the world die from heart diseases. In my opinion, the heart is a major important organ in our life which keeps us alive and keep other organs in our body functioning. There are different ways to avoid a heart disorder or heart failure, such as staying happy, exercising, and reducing stress.

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease is a cardiovascular disease that is an abnormal function of the heart or heart vessels. It can increase risks of heart attacks, heart failure, stoke and cardiac rhythm problems. The most common heart diseases are due to infections, inflammation, environment and genetic. To prevent a heart disease or heart failure you have to have a healthy lifestyle and avoid smoking fattening foods or avoid stress.

How to maintain a Healthy Heart

Don’t smoke or use tobacco, smoking or using tobacco is one of the most risky causes for developing heart disease. Smoking can also affect your lungs, the tobacco and cigarettes has a lot of chemicals and can also affect the blood vessels. Another way to maintain a healthy heart is to stay active and exercise at least for 30 minutes on most days of the week. Staying active minimize the risk for developing heart problems in the future.


An Arrhythmia is a problem with the rate rhythm of your heartbeat. Most arrhythmia is inoffensive but some of them can result in serious cause.

The causes
There are many causes for developing this disease. The most causes are,...
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