Heart and Stone Therapy

Topics: Heart, Blood, Artery Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Apply stone therapy massage
Apply stone therapy massage

By Lucy Barnett
By Lucy Barnett

Task 1a
* The importance of carrying out a detailed body analysis & relevant tests is so that you can pick up on any posture faults, avoid any areas which may be contra indicated and you are able to give them information on ways to improve their posture. It is important to carry out relevant tests such as cold or hot and sharp and blunt so that you are sure the client can feel the difference. This also prevents you from harming your client if they can feel something within the treatment which feels painful. * The importance of positioning the client correctly so they are as comfortable as possible and you aren’t causing them any pain or injury. It is important to be positioned correctly as a therapist so you prevent yourself from pain or injury if you consistently and positioned correctly this can result in repetitive strain injury. * It is important to use the correct products, tools, equipment and technique because so the client can feel the best benefit from their treatment and it will not harm the client. * It is important to complete treatment records correctly so that you have on record if the client has any contra-indications which may prevent or restrict a treatment. You will also have on record anything the client may be allergic to. * It is important to complete the treatment to the satisfaction of the client so they go away feeling happy and return to you again in the future.

Task 1b
Historical and culture background of stone therapy:
The stones originated from Native Americans but they did not use them in massage. Stone therapy has been around for a long time but has been modernised through the years and now we use naturally shaped basalt pebbles and marble pebbles that have been cut to shape to deliver hot and cold temperatures.

Four types of stones:
Basalt stones: Hot stone, made from volcanic rock used all over...
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