Hearing and Dementia

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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straining to hear and fend off dementia
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February 25, 2013

PSY 4456
February 25, 2013
PSY 4456

Dr. Milligan
PSY 4456
February 25, 2013
Straining to Hear and Fend Off Dementia
The article I chose was written by Kathrine Bouton. One of many people who suffer with hearing lost, but unfortunately Katherine’s started at the age of thirty years old. She tells a story about attending a fun-raiser for a magazine finding herself in a conversation with a well-known Arthur she admired. While engaging in a deep conversation she began to realize she couldn’t hear a thing he was saying. She began to tell us how the effect of her trying to hear was using up a lot of her brain power and was somewhat eased by a hearing aid and cochlear implant. After consulting with Dr. Lin at John Hopkins School of Medicine about her hearing lose it was considered a “Cognitive Load”. Dr. Lin has delivered the same unexpected news to numerous patients with hearing lost. His work focused on hearing lost, Gerontology, and public health. The most important issue was about the relationship between hearing loss and Dementia. Along with some of his colleagues they found a strong association between the two.

The article I chose is a great example of Gerontology. It compared individuals with normal hearing to those with a mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss. Some in which had a 2-, 3-, and 5- hold increasing the risk of developing dementia over the course of the study. Dr. Lin and colleagues looked at around 1,000 older adults beginning in 1997-98. Their finding reinsured those of another study in 2011, but found that those with hearing loss had 30 to 40 percent faster rate of loss of thinking and memory abilities over a six year period compared to those with normal hearing. Resulting in the worst rate of cognitive decline. Genetics or environmental factors could be causing both hearing loss and dementia....
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