Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Are Two of the Factors That Contribute to Healthy Lifestyle of the Society

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Healthy eating and physical activity are two of the factors that contribute to healthy lifestyle of the society in general and the wellbeing of students in schools in particular. Theoretically, students have already been exposed with what is Nutrition-Malnutrition since Form 1.According to the brief interview I have recently conducted with an English - Physical Education teacher,Miss Zara,students have already acknowledge and being thorough about the food pyramid and the details about each food nutrition according to suitable age essential needs. It was taught theoretically to each students about the nutrition of each classified food,and the effect of both exceeds and lack of consumption of the food resources.

Hence, I have been told that they also conduct a test named SEGAK-where every each student will get their fitness tested by recording their age,weight and their body mass index (BMI) twice a year.From the recorded BMI, teachers can give some useful advice and tips of what to take and what is not in their students daily food consumption.

Also, I was informed that there are indeed programs between the school and the Health Ministry regarding the obesity program. Roughly, 20 students will be choose by the counselor.Students with obesity issues were chosen, and been given a seminar and a medical examination from time to time.

Obesity and chronic diseases have been increasing since the last few decades alongside rapid economic development in developed and developing countries. The alarming increase in the prevalence of childhood obesity had been shown by many epidemiological studies worldwide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines obesity as the “abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat in adipose tissue to the extent that health may be impaired” (WHO, 2000). The prevalence of overweight and Obesity has been on the rise at an alarming Rate since the last decades. Obesity is now one of the most common nutritional problems among adults and children Worldwide. Increasing numbers of children worldwide are estimated to be overweight or obese; the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF) in 2003 reported that among children aged 5 to 17 years, 1 out of 10 children is overweight or obese.

WHO estimates that 43 million children under the age of 5 years will be overweight in 2010 (WHO, 2009). The prevalence of childhood obesity is reported to be in the range of 14 to 20% in industrialised countries, but a rapid increase in numbers has been observed in developing countries such as Chile andChina (WHO, 2000). Overweight and obesity among school children have been reported in many Asian countries, including Malaysia. In year 2000,the Singapore School Health Survey reported that the prevalence of obesity in children aged between 12-13 years and 15-16 years was 14.7% and 13.1%,respectively (School Health Services (Singapore), 2000).

A study conducted in an urban area in the Northeast of...
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