Health & Social Care Unit 10 P3,M2 &D2

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P3,Whatever job you want you need skills and qualities for it, this helps you with your job without this it would make it hard to know what you're doing and hard to adapt to the job. Nursery teachers look after young children from 3 years old to 5 years old. For a nursery teacher the skills are qualities you need are.. Understand the stages of child development- This is very important, you need to know for a number of reasons. Nursery teachers need to be able to see the child's level of ability. Abilities can differentiate at preschool age and an effective nursery teacher will meet each child level and guide them on their pathway to achievement. It is also important so they know understand the children that they are working with especially if they are responsible for taking care of them and teaching them. If you wanted to instruct a child and you didn't understand how to do because you don't understand what's going through their mind (stages of development) then the nursery teacher would struggle to get them to do as they are told. The nursery teacher needs to know what's normal for a child's development so that if a child is not developing normally it can be noticed and something can be done about it to help make the child better. By understanding the child's development this means the teacher can understand what the child needs to grow and flourish and how they think. If a nursery teacher does not understand the stages of child development another example of a problem could be if the child is having tantrums, then because the nursery teacher doesn't understand what's normal for a child they would have difficulty in calming the child down from their tantrum. If you were working with teenagers you wouldn't treat them like children because they are much more developed than children so for example they don't necessarily need the constant attention that children do. By understanding the range of stages of child development and development in other people e.g. teachers it allowed you to work with different people of different ages which is good because you wouldn't treat people all the same. Everyone has different needs and are at different stages which is why it is important to be able to maintain a level of understanding of people at different stages of development.

Specific Qualifications including English, Math and Science GCSE (A-C)- The grades and qualifications do vary from different nursery teacher jobs, but a good nursery teacher should have all of these. Having English, Math and Science GCSE shows you have the skills and ability to communicate this effectively down to the child. For an example if you had an 'E' in English or Math then it shows lack of skill so you would probably find it difficult to help the child with writing, spelling, numbers, calculations, saying words properly, which is something a nursery teacher needs to be able to do to communicate effectively and help the child make progress. Depending on the age of the person this skill could be used to teach at a higher level or a lower level, if you were a student at college studying English the teacher would most likely need higher than a 'C' to teach the subject because of the level it's at. But because nursery teaching only teaches the basic stuff then they do not need to have a really high grade, but even if they do it helps. Some nursery teacher jobs also require IT GCSE/Achievement, technology is changing and nursery teacher would need to be able to understand how to use technology so they can show the children how to use it. For example if they didn't know how to use a computer, then how would they do the register, they could write it down on paper but it could easily get lost which makes it unreliable. Also a nursery teacher could need NNEB, NVQ3, B-TEC in Nursery nursing, GNVQ 4, ITT(Initial teachers training so you know what you're doing), QTS, advanced GNVQ, it can also depend on which sector it is in, for example if it is private then the...
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