Health Care Reform

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Describing issues of prescription medicine. Prescription medicine affects the health care sector in a profound way. Prescription medicine spending is a concern because of the rise in prescription cost, the aging population, and the advancement of special drugs. The cost increase in prescription drugs exceeds all other growth in other health care categories, including hospital care. Prescription medicine is some cases prevent long-term health care, which assist in a decline of cost in hospital care and surgeries. The 10% share of the health care market that prescription medicine has, although it seems small, continues to have important implications. Spending issues of prescription medicine have multiple factors involved. The demand for prescription medicine has grown out of control, which leads to the inability for some to afford, especially, the uninsured, and the elderly (Bartholow, 2011). The abuse of prescription drug is a major issue. Although most people use prescription medicines as prescribed by physicians, doctors, and other clinical authorities, there is an increase of illegal use as well. College students constitute the largest increase of abuse. The abuse of prescriptions has led to sedative, painkillers (narcotics), and stimulants addictions. The ability of online ordering, the connection between pharmacist and physicians, and the increase of doctors writing prescriptions, the overall ability to get drugs have increased these issues (Browser, 2011). The popular brand name versus the generic battle is a concern in the prescription medicine industry. The uses of brand name drugs have decreased to 20% of total distribution. The expiration of patents of drugs, led to the decrease in brand name distribution. This affects the health care industry in an intense way. This multi-billion dollar industry is affected and patients and physicians must choose whether the generic brand will suffice. Choices by consumer are affected because the cost...