Health Campaign

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Health Campaign- Part One

HCS 535
July 23, 2012
Dr. Beth Hale

Health Campaign- Part One
Obesity is a chronic condition that has grown in epidemic proportions over the years. Obesity is defined as the body weight which is excessive than expected in healthy individuals and presently in the United States, obesity has become of the greatest public health challenges. It is reported that 2.8 million adults will die in the world because of obesity (World Health Organization, 2012). This paper will present obesity and the initiative of Healthy People 2020 to combat this health issue. It will present the federal, state, and local agencies tasked with addressing and managing this issue. It will present models used to determine and analyze obesity, define the community and targeted populations and describe the epidemiologic surveillance systems used for monitoring obesity. It will present epidemiology tools, such as risk assessment and trends in disease and health to analyze obesity. Obesity in America

In the United States obesity rates have escalated to higher levels than ever seen before. At this time one-third of all adults in the United States are classified as obese (Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). The national identified health objectives developed by the federal government is Healthy People. These initiatives began in 2000 and were updated in 2010 and 2020. Healthy People 2000 were developed in 1990 by the Department of Human and Health Services as a strategy to improve the health of Americans (Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 2009). The first two priority areas identified were physical fitness and nutrition. The Healthy People objectives were rereleased in 2010 with additional priority objectives. The goals of this objectives was similar to the one in 2000 but truly focusing on reducing health disparities and to increase the quality and years of healthy life (Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). This national program was updated again to reflect the next decade called Healthy People 2020 and to promote avoiding preventable disease as the focus. According to Department of Human and Health Services (2010), “Healthy People 2020 is the product of an extensive stakeholder feedback process that is unparalleled in government and health. It integrates input from public health and prevention experts, a wide range of federal, state and local government officials, a consortium of more than 2,000 organizations, and perhaps most importantly, the public” (para. 7). Healthy People 2020 are a federally developed project to improve the health of all Americans. There were many lead federal agencies involved in the development of the framework of Healthy People 2020. These agencies vary from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, Food and Drug Administration, and National Institute of Health, to name a few. These agencies worked together with the Department of Human and Health Services to develop the national program of Healthy People 2020. They also sought out public support and comments to ensure they have the views and had met the needs of the public. The Department of Human and Health Services have state level departments who address and manage the issue of obesity at that level. They promote and meet the objectives of Healthy People 2020 and according to Department of Human and Health Services (2012), “The Healthy People State and Territorial Coordinators make Healthy People happen every single day across the United States. Each state and territory has a Healthy People Coordinator who serves as a liaison with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP). These coordinators ensure that the development of a state or territorial plan is in line with Healthy People goals and objectives” (p. 2). There are many local agencies and schools who have registered to be part of the Healthy People program. Determinants of...
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