Hazing in the Military

Topics: Abuse, Humiliation, Bullying Pages: 3 (1309 words) Published: March 22, 2011
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Along with many other so called traditions in this world hazing is one behavior that has just gotten out of control. With the way the world is today, and how long hazing has been going on I believe it will never be stopped. Hazing is involved in so many things in this world. There are some groups out there that people have to go through tasks just for applying. Then after if he or she makes it in there are more tests and tasks to go through. It goes on in sports, colleges, the military and plenty of other team groups. I personally do not think it is all that bad, to a certain extent. When the actions turn to abuse rather than tasks that is when it becomes wrong. In the military I completely believe it is an O.K. thing to do, even though it is illegal. It has been going for so long that it is just natural to toy with and test the newcomers, everyone goes through it. Unfortunately over the years there has been many events when the so called “hazing” turns out to be a lot worse than carrying equipment. The abuse that goes on within all militarys needs to stop and be dealt with properly. The abuse has gotten out of control within the past few decades. Soldiers have been beaten left with bruises all over their bodies, robbed, pushed under water for a significant amount of time, along with plenty of other abusive acts. This does not just occur in the United States military, abusive hazing goes on all over the world in military bases. At one base in Russia a man was abused to the extent where he mentally broke down and escaped. There has been blood pinning, which is the act of digging a soldiers pin into his or her skin, sometimes leading to torn skin and blood shedding going on U.S. Marine bases. The reasons for these brutal acts are hazing rituals, which is just an excuse not a justification. I believe those who step over the line and take advantage of people should be kicked out of the military no questions asked. There have just been too...
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