Hawk Roosting

Topics: Kill, Feeling, Poetry Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: May 11, 2011
Hawk Roosting – Ted Hughes
In this poem, the speaker wrote in the perspective of the hawk, revealing the nature of this animal, that it is confident, superior and arrogant. It gives the readers a numb feeling towards the cruelty of the hawk and yet sympathy when the speaker seems to be making a compare of the hawk and human. It make the readers reflect upon our actions and whether humans are just like the hawk in this poem, cold-blooded and cruel, hence giving an ominous feeling to the poem. In the first stanza, the speaker portrays the hawk as a perfectionist and focused creature as it even practices its kills in its sleep, hence suggesting that the hawk wants to be perfect all the time as it is focused on killing even when it is sleeping. “Or in sleep rehearse perfect kills and eat.” shows that the hawk is much focused when it comes to making its kill a perfect one. In the second stanza, the writer speaks of the nature, trees, sun, and the air. It gives the readers a very powerful feeling as all these are forces of the nature that even the man cannot control, yet the hawk seems to be even superior to the nature. The speaker uses diction to demonstrate the superiority of the hawk. “Are of advantage to me,/And the earth’s face upward for my inspection.” suggests that even nature is supporting the hawk and everything is under its control. The speaker uses allusion in the third stanza, the “Creation” is of a reference to God who is mighty and the most powerful being and it is this powerful being that made the hawk, giving its perfect structure and deadly kills, making the hawk appears to be as powerful and mighty as the God that made him. “It took the whole of Creation/To produce my foot, my each feather.” suggests that a lot of effort is used in making the hawk and every detail is perfect and beautiful. However the hawk seems to be arrogant and proud, it knows that it is the most superior beings now and it can do whatever it wanted because nothing can stop or...
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