Having a Baby Changed My Life

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 4 (579 words) Published: February 21, 2011
There’s always one experience in life that

either makes you or breaks you, and having my

son has definitely made me who I am. Before I had

Gabriel, my life was completely different but

now everything has changed for the better. I’ve never

loved anyone or anything like I love him.

Being a mother is absolutely amazing. The things my

son learns and teaches me every day are

also amazing and also make me better. There’s no way

I could ever not want him in my life.

Before I had my son, people would say I was

completely different person. I was a little

wild and crazy. Don’t get me wrong I am still the

hilarious person I was back then but I also had

no goals, and ambitions. But now I have tons of goals

and ambitions for life. I definitely want to

be successful in everything that I do. One way he has

made me better is by me starting school

last semester. I received A’s and B’s in all my

classes and I only have him to thank for the

motivation he has given me. Going to school means

getting a good job and being able to support

him by myself when it’s all said and done.

Another way he has made me better is because

he has taught me what love really is. I’ve

never loved anyone or anything the way I love him.

Everyday when I look in his eyes, all big

staring at me, I know he loves just as much as I love

him. Not to mention the fact that he needs

me and that makes me feel good. Whenever Gabriel

looks up at me and says “mama” it makes

my heart pound with such joy its unbelievable. I have

to say that past 11 months have been the

best 11 months of my life.

I also feel so important when he learns new

things from me and teaches me new things

every day. Recently, I taught him how to throw a

ball, although he isn’t the best at catching yet it

still is and amazing feeling. I’m also trying to

teach him where some of his body parts are...
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