Hasting's Point Photo Identification Booklet

Topics: Tide, Intertidal zone, Tide pool Pages: 16 (4017 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Grade 11
Bio Ecology Field Study

By, Colton Hatcher

Hastings Point is a small coastal town located in New South Wales that is sounded by a national park. Hastings point has been a great location for tourists due to its marine wildlife, beaches and fishing. This destination is home to a magnificent rocky shore perfectly suited for a vast majority and wide range of marine wildlife. The rocky shore has a wide spread of both biotic and abiotic factors which provides a suitable ecosystem for all wildlife but unfortunately this unindustrialized location is becoming over developed. This takes a toll on Hastings point ecosystem immensely because the estuary, beach and the living organisms are slowly diminishing in numbers whilst the waters of the estuary are being polluted and contaminated. This is due to the over populating and the rapid building development around the area. A few members of the community are trying to resolve this issue however the council is yet to act on their suggestions and if everyone continues to refuse to do anything about it then Hastings Point ecosystem will eventually get diminished.

The Rocky Shore is an ecosystem of great magnitude although it is filled with a number of smaller ecosystems with in that rocky shore. These smaller ecosystems are the tide and rock pools with in the rocky shore and are home to a large variety of different organisms. All these organisms are not there aimlessly, each and every organism affect one another wether it be plankton, seas squirts, red waratahs, wobbegong sharks, blue octopus etc. Even filtering creatures and plankton are a major part of the ecosystem and the food chain at the rocky shore. This is because if any creature gets abolished no matter what it may be then this creature’s predator’s food becomes scarce and this will result in this particular organism getting wiped out and so on and so forth. With in a food chain almost everything has a predator, unless this organism is at the top, only then will it become safe.

The organisms that live within the rocky shore ecosystems have adapted to suit the environment, which surrounds them. For an example the organisms that live on the rocks on the rocky shore have adapted to have stronger suction that allows them to not be knock off the rocks from the constant wave battering and example of these organisms are the barnacles and periwinkles that live within the ecosystem at Hastings point. In most situations adaptation occurs when an organism is forced to do so in order to survive. Organisms have also adapted for them to catch their prey. The rocky shore and all the organisms that it is made up of are categorised in two factors biotic and abiotic. Biotic factors are living features that affect the ecosystem such as animals, plants, bacteria, fungi etc. This means abiotic factors are factors that still affect the ecosystem and all the organisms living within it however these factors are not living, for an example of an abiotic factor which still affects an ecosystem is the habitat such as desert, pond, lake, mountain etc. or the weather and temperature. These two factors, biotic and abiotic combine together to make an ecosystem.

An abiotic factor, which has a huge impact on the organisms that live on the rocky shore, are the tides. The tides affect the biotic organisms that live on the rocky shore because they have to constantly adjust and adapted to the continuous tidal changes that occur each and every day. For an example all the organisms that live in the high tidal zone have to keep themselves moist until another high tide comes back around. However on the other hand organisms that live in low tide zones don’t have to adapt to high tide factors because it’s not necessary for them to do so. All organisms are affected by the tides even organisms living in low tidal conditions because if a storm comes this will occur in faster moving tides. This could result in a low tidal...
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