Harrison Bergeron

Topics: Harrison Bergeron, Armie Hammer, Kurt Vonnegut Pages: 1 (418 words) Published: March 20, 2013
HarrGeorge Ferguson
Mrs. Eck

Harrison Bergeron
After reading the title I wasn’t interested in reading the article whatsoever because it appeared to be just another one of those articles designed to bore me to death. After reading the first sentence the author slightly caught my attention. With the first few words in all caps the author said “THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal.” As I was reading it I had a puzzled look on my face. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I was curious to know what crazy idea was the author going to use to explain how everybody became equal in the future. As I read on the author explained that some amendments to the constitution was responsible for all of the equality. I kept reading and came across something that I was very unfamiliar with which was a “Handicapper General”. I said to myself what in the world is a Handicapper General, and because I was curious to find out I proceeded to read on. The author never really defined what one was but I could assume what one was from context clues like what the characters in the article said about the Handicapper General and her actions. I thought it was funny the way the government went about making everyone equal. They put masks on people’s faces and attached extra weight to them depending on how strong they were. As I approached the middle of the article it seemed like so much was going on I began to get a little frustrated. I couldn’t really make out what was going on as if I skipped over a part in the story but I’m very sure I didn’t. This is definitely an article I would have to read more than once to help me better understand it. I don’t know if the old man was hallucinating when his son all of a sudden appeared on the TV screen or what, but I feel like too much began to occur too fast and the way it’s written mostly in quotes and not much narration made it harder for me to understand. I think I would be...
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