Harriet Tubman

Topics: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States, Slavery Pages: 6 (2290 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Harriet Tubman
Blake Snider
December 5, 2010
Professor J Arrieta
Seminar Critical Inquiry

Harriet Tubman is a woman of faith and dignity who saved many African American men and women through courage and love for God. One would ponder what would drive someone to bring upon pain and suffering to one’s self just to help others. Harriet Tubman was an African American women that took upon many roles during her time just as abolitionist, humanitarian, and a Union Spy during the American civil war. Her deeds not only saved lives during these terrible time’s but also gave other African Americans the courage to stand up for what they believe in and achieve equal rights for men in women in the world no matter what their skin color or gender was. Born to the parents of slaves Harriet Tubman changed the world in more ways than one and will be explained in the essay.

Harriet Tubman was born Araminta Ross to her slave parents Ben and Harriet Green. The specific date of her birth is said to be between the years of 1820 and 1821 but there is no actual record of her birthday. This was a common problem of the time for many of the American slaves born in this era. Being born into an African American slave family during the 1800’s, Harriet took on the task of being a slave during the early time in her life period. Her first task as a child was to take care of her of her younger brother and also was responsible for the care of one of one of the slave owner’s babies. The work that Harriet was assigned was work that the men never had to do but all work that was done on these plantations or farms should’ve been looked at as equal in all ways. During this time even women slaves were being discriminated against, they automatically were discriminated against at birth when they came out as a girl. The women were thought of as less because they didn’t go out into the fields to do the hard work, but without the women doing their work the men’s work wouldn’t have been done. Life was hard for Harriet during these early years as she was responsible for this young baby and had to take care of it day and night. One would perceive that taking care of this baby at such a young age would be a reason for Harriet’s motherly side towards all the slaves she later helped escape from slavery so they could be free.

Harriet’s young life was filled with many experiences and hard times during her childhood. She contracted the measles at a young age she had an incident when at a store, a slave owner threw a two pound weight at another slaves head and hit Harriett. The other slave had left their field without out permission and went to the store. The slave owner told her to help restrain the irate slave but she refused to. The slave owner threw the two pound weight at the problem slave but missed and instead hit Harriet. Harriet did not have any serious damage done to her from the weight but one would think this was a key point in her life when she realized she wanted to be free and to also help other slaves become free of these evil slave owners.

Women have been oppressed in the world since the start of time. Men have always been looked at as if they are more important or more useful in the world we live in. We can see that in Harriet Tubman’s case, Her work as a child was mainly as a babysitter of the children or used in the house as a slave. Even during the time of slavery women weren’t granted the same rights as their men counterparts. Most of the time the women slaves were used as maids, caretakers, or doing gardening. These were duties that they thought were suitable for the women and without the women doing these duties the farm or plantation wouldn’t run. Men were mainly used to the harder and more physical labor on the plantations or farms. They were sent out into the fields every day to harvest the crops so that the owner could make his money to maintain his lifestyle. The women were kept...
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