Harold Hieth's Rifles for Watie: A Review

Topics: Southern United States, War, The Spring Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Rifles for Watie Essay test
1 Jeff enlists in the union army. “If by a miracle, a general war could be avoided, soldiers were still needed to halt guerrilla warfare in Kansas, brought by the Missourian proslavery faction across the border, Jeff’s dearest wish was to become a soldier.” (Jeff) 2 Jeff chooses this side because he heard Abraham Lincoln give a speech that convinced him that the south was wrong. 3 The incident that occurs is Jeff’s family is attacked by bushwhackers. “And I’m tired of fighting them with just a sickle, Pa. I want to go to fort Leavenworth tomorrow and join the Kansas volunteers.” (Jeff) 4 Nouns- soldier, hero, Kansas, brother, unioner. Adjectives- loyal, strong, eager, fearless, good. Verbs- fights, works, enjoys. 5 The reasons are, John wants to see the world and David, like Jeff, simply wants to be a soldier. 6 David receives anger from his mother and she will not let him stay. “That’s what you’ve always wanted, so go on now back to the army.” (David’s mother) 7 One hard lesson is how quickly you can get hurt in the army, like Ford Ivey. “I don’t wanta live if I hafta be a hopeless cripple for life!” (Ford p.71). Another hard lesson is what secrets can lead to. Such as Clardy killing sparrow because of a secret. “If I hadn’t gotten mad and deviled the captain about the widows murder poor sparrow might still be alive today.” (Jeff, p.76) 8 Jeff is upset because Clardy has just set Jeff up to be arrested, then gave him a harsh punishment 9 The Missouri woods reminded him of his mother’s brilliantly colored rag rug that lay on the split log floor beside her bed, back in Linn County. The blackjack seedlings seemed a flame in the genial sunshine. The young oaks glowed in livid. The oaks couldn’t seem to agree on an appropriate color; some wore a subdued foliage of and pale, others were gay in and bright. A cardinal flew leisurely out of a tall, sweet gum, and Jeff thought at first it was a falling leaf. Dixie trotted along contentedly...
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