Topics: Hardcore punk, Music genre, Rock music Pages: 1 (478 words) Published: May 14, 2013
In our world, there are many kinds of music, all of which are beautiful and each one has its ups and downs. Personally, the genre that sticks out the most and has the biggest impact on me is hardcore music. The genre has amazing roots, some of the most uplifting lyrics, and most of the people in the HxC scene are genuinely amazing, kind hearted people. Hardcore music started in the late 70s early 80s, as a movement of brotherhood. Hardcore was also a symbol of abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Many people did not agree with the aggressive style of the music. Many saw it as a symbol of violence when in reality it was against violence. In the early 90s bands started taking hardcore and mixing it with other styles of music like metal, pop, and rock, which has led to new popular music styles of today such as metal-core, pop-punk, and post-hardcore. Bands in these sub-genres include All Time Low, A Day To Remember, Chiodos, and Of Mice & Men. These bands have also been life savers of many teens with their very uplifting, and positive messages they put in their lyrics. Many teens today struggle with problems like broken homes, addictions, and other subjects that are not tackled in most of today’s music. I personally think that’s how music should be, there as an aid, a positive message, something to show everyone there not alone in this bitter harsh world, not about how much money someone makes or promoting the use of alcohol and drugs like much of the music teens listen to today. Sure, there are quite a few bands like that but most HxC is a positive message for us youth. The members of the bands are up-most some of the most respectable and kind hearted people. Take Austin Carlile, of Of Mice & Men for example. He is called a life saver by many and has been through so much pain in his life. Many call him and his band heroes Austin puts everything that has happened in his life, from his mom dying when he was young, to how finding god saved him from suicide. He...
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