“Happiness Seems to Be Loneliness, and Loneliness Kills Our World”

Topics: Love, Personal life, Happiness Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Although many of us consider themselves happy while shopping in the malls during the weekends or drinking out in the evenings with their so-called “best friends”, I believe that true happiness is somewhere beneath those mercantile signs of gaiety and has more of a spiritual rather than material form. There is one simple thing that can make our happiness complete and prevent us from becoming reckless spendthrifts who try to fill an emptiness which we barely know about, exactly as I used to be – this is a person to love and cherish. To begin with, a great number of my acquaintances and even some of my closer friends live with the idea that love does not exist at all. They find joy in acts that are not worth even mentioning – adultery, drinking, smoking, driving fast cars, disobeying traffic rules and so on. Such adrenaline-rush activities fill up their daily routines to a great extent. I cannot deny the fact that living in such a way is definitely something that very few people around the globe can afford and is without any doubt attractive to me. However, it is not money that drives us towards such behavior – it is loneliness and the lack of someone to think and care about. This statement makes me ask myself – are we truly happy when we miss that feeling of love inside us and, therefore, are deprived of some drama and pain in our attempts to reach true gaiety and love, because loving sometimes means suffering? The answer that resonates the loudest, at least in my heart, is “”No”. In fact, it is this kind of loneliness which we purposely ignore that ruins the foundations of our own world. It is destructive in its essence. It makes us act foolishly on our way towards relief and thus we look joyful, at least on the surface. However, I believe that a person beside us might fix all that has been broken, having in mind that I was such a luckless man. What cured me from that disease was the sincere love of a girl, who showed me how to forget some of my bad habits...
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