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From what has been summarized by Aristotle, happiness may be described as the very thing that everyone in this world is pursuing for the whole life. Satisfaction of one’s necessities or desires, both mentally and physically healthy condition, superior social status and other kinds of good properties may consist of the meaning of this fantastic word. Meanwhile, happiness does also exert a subtle influence on one’s decision and choice. In other words, men generally do things out of their own interests to produce more happiness. Nevertheless, this kind of life attitude is just contradicted to Ms. Stanley’s directly. She views the purpose of life as valuable contribution to other people, to the society and to the whole world, more than personal pleasure. Life should be spent on making some useful change according to Ms. Stanley. To be specific, there may be two paths to achieve the truth of life. One is to strive for one’s own happiness and the other is to do good to the society. Aristotle just takes the former one and Ms. Stanley follows the latter.

Although I, an engineering student, have been told many times that almost all the views of Aristotle on physics are incorrect, I choose to believe in him this time. It is known to all that we should take pains to be a useful person to the society, since we are educated that way from childhood. But I’m afraid that it is really painful to make it come true since sometimes useful men have to endure what they dislike or do something reluctant to keep useful. And I guess few people are good at bearing this pain. Therefore, even though what Ms. Stanley has stated elegantly is exactly correct in theory, I could not agree it any more. We are emotional and free human. We have the right of being different, the right of seeking our own happiness and the right of being ourselves. In addition, only pleasant things can be advocated and followed by the public. If helping others or contributing to the society is painful, then no...
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