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  • Published: September 12, 2013
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Ana Baleveicau
LTC Huckabee
English 1123/Freshman Comp II
August 4,2013

The Horse Dealers Daughter is a short story written by D.H. Lawrence. He was born on September 11, 1885 in Eastwood, England. Lawrence grew up in a small town and with a lower class family. He was known as a child who did not fit with the other boys and was frail and weak throughout his childhood because of illness. He strongly disliked the town he lived in and felt neglected by his father because he was not athletic in any sport. The setting in The Horse Dealers Daughter takes place in the 1920’s in an English town, where the main character Mabel feels cheerless and gloomy because her father and brothers neglected her. This theme and setting reflects Lawrence childhood life because he to felt out of place with his father and the town he lived in. He creates a dispirited setting, which resembles the life he lived as a child in a mining town. As an author and novelist he was known to write short stories and novels about emotional health issues and create spontaneous moments, while using literary devices such as irony and symbolism. For example, in this story it implies how unhappy Mabel feels because of her mother’s death and how her father changed into an unsuccessful man. This statement within the story implies the families declined, “the kitchen was full of servants, but of late things had declined. The old man had married a second time, to retrieve his fortunes. Now he was dead and everything was gone to the dogs, there was nothing but debt and threatening” (Lawrence 7). This makes Mabel feel depressed of the fact her family is in debt because of her father and now she can not save the one thing she loves, which is the house her and her mother shared so many memories in. This simple loss of the house and the failure she feels drives her emotionally insane. On page ten it says, “He stood motionless as the small black figure walked slowly and deliberately towards the center of the...
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