Handsomest Drowned Man Purpose Essay

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Handsomest Drowned Man In The World Purpose Essay
“Praise the Lord,” They sighed, “he’s ours!” (474 Marquez). In the short story, the children’s tale, The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World in a village a man who is taller, and more handsome then any man than all the men there washes ashore, and the entire village falls in love with him. He becomes their savior to an extent by filling the village with color, and more life. Marquez, achieves his purpose, to compare Esteban to Jesus, with use of figurative language, colorful word choice, and deep emotional context.

Marquez, when describing the village, the people, and Esteban he uses very figurative language. He describes Esteban with such interesting and lively language, and Esteban’s lifestyle, before death. This of course makes you connect with the character and the villagers, which make you, understand how they all felt. The way that Marquez described their pure joy of Esteban, helps us to realize just how important he was to them. With this understanding of the villagers we come closer and closer each sentence to understanding Marquez’s purpose.

When describing to his readers the change in the villagers lives after Esteban shows up, Marquez uses colorful word choice to grab on to the reader, and keep them interested. Take this for example, “ They could see him in life… soft, pink, sea lion hands… the handsome fool has gone.” (474, Marquez) The word choice of Marquez helps us get down to the point of understanding the villager’s feelings about Esteban. We start to realize the effect that Esteban had on them, by the word choice of the author.

Emotionally the author connects with his readers. He makes us want to worship Esteban too, because the way he grabs our hearts and takes a hold on them to make us feel sorry for Esteban, and he unfortunate height. Marquez gets us to connect with the villagers to understand their boredom, their colorless life, and emotionally attaches us to as they grow to...
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