Handling Emotions and Expressing Feelings in Relationship

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Handling emotions and expressing feelings in relationship


|Contents |Page | |I – Definition of feeling |3 | |II – The importance of expressing feelings in relationships |3 | |Saying what you feel |4 | |When feelings are not expressed |5 | |III – How to expressing feelings in relationships |7 | |Expressing feelings verbally |7 | |You-messages versus I-messages |8 | |Other ways to express feelings |9 | |2) Expressing feelings nonverbally |10 | |IV – Handling feelings in relationships |11 |

I – Definition of feeling:

In psychology, feeling is the perception of events within the body, closely related to emotion. The term feeling is a verbal noun denoting the action of the verb to feel, which derives etymologically from the Middle English verb felen, “to perceive by touch, by palpation.” It soon came to mean, more generally, to perceive through those senses that are not referred to any special organ. As the known special organs of sense were the ones mediating the perception of the external world, the verb to feel came also to mean the perception of events within the body. Psychologists disagree on the use of the term feeling. The preceding definition accords with that of the American psychologist R.S. Woodworth, who defines the problem of feeling and emotion as that of the individual’s “internal state.” Many psychologists, however, still follow the German philosopher Immanuel Kant in equating feeling to states of pleasantness and unpleasantness, known in psychology as affect.

II – The importance of expressing feelings in relationships:


David Johnson, in the book “Reaching Out: Interpersonal Effectiveness and Self-Actualization”, clearly states that “Feelings are potentially highly constructive since it is through experiencing and expressing feelings that close friendships are built and maintained.” This statement just shows how important feelings are to any relationship.

Why are feelings so important in relationships? Because communication is at the heart of relationship and feelings are at the heart of effective communication. When we are able to communicate at the feeling level, we can eliminate much of the misunderstandings that occur in most relationships. Your quality of life can be greatly improved through the experience and expression of feelings. Therefore, if you know how to express your feelings as well as handle them effectively, you can maintain and develop your relationships.

1) Saying what you feel:

Feeling the warmth, support, acceptance, and caring of friendships or other relationships is one of the most exciting aspects of being alive. And feelings are especially wonderful when they are shared with other people. One of the most rewarding aspects of relationships is sharing personal feelings. The more you share your feelings with other people, the happier and more...
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