Handicap Accessibiltiy

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Handicap Accessibility Lacking Within DSU
Has anyone ever found themselves having a hard time accessing buildings due to a physical handicap? A majority of Dickinson State University students, faculty, and staff members can say they have at least once in their time here. DSU offers very little additions to the college to make it easier for anyone with a setback to access with ease. As quoted in everything’s an argument, “Many students and faculty will become temporarily disabled from injury at some point during their time at the university” (Deshpande, Manasi 399). To make the campus of DSU more handicap accessible the college administrators could do a number of renovations such as adding ramps, automatic doors, handicap bathrooms, and closer handicap parking at the college. By doing so people with setbacks can feel less discriminated against, won’t have to deal with unequal prospects to succeed, and can feel independent at this college.

Administrators allowing workers to build cement ramps alongside the stairs leading to the entrances of buildings would increase the progress of students, faculty, and staff members by allowing them to get around more effortlessly. By adding ramps people in wheelchairs will be able to get inside the buildings easier and safer. People with crutches or any other kind of impediment will also benefit because they won’t have to endure those lengthy steps to reach the entrances. Even without a setback it is a workout to walk up the stairs at the college. Some would disagree on taking extra action for disabled participants because they may feel like people with a handicap are getting special treatment which is not fair to other students and faculty.

Renovators hired to assist in the process of building onto the college should also consider installing automatic doors. Automatic doors would help limited mobility participants, but also everyday students and faculty with no restraint. Automatic doors would help clearly by allowing deterrent people to not worry about another person opening the door for them, but also for any student who may have a very large load of books on his/her back. This way he/she doesn’t strain his/her own back in order to get through a doorway. No matter who you are one cannot argue with the fact that automatic doors do help the community as a whole by making access easier going into buildings. In all reality most adjuncts used for disability prone people can also be used to help others without a disability.

Likewise adding an extension of handicap bathrooms would benefit DSU and its applicants by enhancing the well-being of DSU students, staff, and faculty that could at any time contract an injury. In many public buildings in Dickinson there is at least one handicap accessible bathroom. The college should see that and take action by adding at least one in every building, and if possible, on every floor level. People who come to tour DSU will see this determination, and they will be pleased that this college is taking action to promote the lives of those who cannot get around as easily as others. In correspondence with seeing manageability more parents will feel like their child has a good place to study to further his/her education. As a result when parents who are sending their kids to college feel pleased with the college, and the effort put into it they will recommend their child to go to that particular college over others therefore raising the number of applicants. A few people may argue that there aren’t enough students enrolled at DSU having a disability so consequently it isn’t worth adding all of these perks just for a small percentage. More than likely the money to pay for handicap bathrooms would come out of the pockets of students through tuition which most students would not be happy with.

Furthermore parking is a big issue at Dickinson State University. Most of the student body and faculty can relate to this in some way. Considering the growing rate...
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