Hamlets Role as a Hero

Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Tragedy Pages: 2 (879 words) Published: November 10, 2012
There are numerous ways to define what a hero is. In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” the main protagonist, Young Prince Hamlet can be defined as a man who we can assign the name of a real tragic hero to. The definition of a tragic hero, “a great or virtuous character in a dramatic tragedy who is destined for downfall, suffering, or defeat” exhibits what happens to Hamlet in the play. Furthermore, although he is not able to retain his own life in the end, the traits he exhibits throughout the play show that he deserves to be given the name of a hero. Elsinore is in an unnatural state and heroism is needed to set things back in order. Hamlet’s devotion and his display of intelligence clearly exhibit that he, by far passes the test to be labeled as a true tragic hero.

Because Hamlet uses his intelligence to solve problems and come up with creative ideas, he is heroic. Hamlet attempts to solve problems and get his vengeance in more passive, undercover ways as opposed to violence with head on wars. Hamlet states, “The play’s the thing / Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king” (2.2.557-558) which is an example of Hamlet using his intelligence and creativity to seek out evidence about Claudius. Therefore, because Claudius does not expect this, his raw emotions will show and Hamlet can examine and confirm that the ghost was telling the truth about King Hamlet’s murder. Hamlet can now be more confident in listening and obeying the ghost of his father telling him: “Adieu Adieu, Adieu. Remember me”(1.5.91). Furthermore, another one of Hamlet’s intelligent tactics is his use of metadrama. He plays different roles, like an actor in order to succeed in whatever or whomever he wants to succeed. Hamlet would always rather act than do. Early on in the play, Hamlet comes to the conclusion that acting crazy is the only way he will be able to generate a cloud of confusion sufficient enough to cover up his plot to avenge his father's murder. Hamlet quotes to his friends, “How...
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