Hamlet Essay

Topics: Avenged Sevenfold, Political corruption, August Burns Red Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Corruption in Hamlet
Corruption has and always will be a problem in our society. More specifically, corruption was one of the main themes in the novel Hamlet. Hamlet revolves around corruption between the characters, which makes corruption one of the most important themes of the novel. Corruption is such a broad topic and you are able to make connections to many things in life with it. But here I am going to connect corruption with: Animal Farm, August Burns Red. “The Truth of a Liar”, and Avenged Sevenfold. “Critical Acclaim”.

My first connection is to the novel Animal Farm. In Animal Farm, corruption is shown when Napoleon and the other pigs break the commandments they had written up. They also illustrated corruption when they began to execute their own animals, and the last way corruption was shown was when the animals couldn’t tell the difference between Napoleon, who was a pig, and Pilkington, the farmer. In Hamlet, King Claudius is corrupt because he murdered King Hamlet to marry his wife, Gertrude. Animal Farm and Hamlet relate because in both stories the people of highest ranking do corrupt things to get or keep power. This ties in with my next connection to Hamlet, August Burns Red’s “The Truth of a Liar”.

My second connection is to the song titled “The Truth of a Liar” August Burns Red. “This is not a one way road, you’re headed for the dead end”(August Burns Red). Those lyrics show that when you’re on the path of corruption you think that you will have no problems and simply cruise through life without anybody stepping in your way, but you are sadly mistaken if Franzen 2

you think that. “You’re not a perfect man in a perfect world, look at where your ignorance has brought you.”(August Burns Red). This next set of lyrics shows how those who are corrupted think that they are doing everything perfectly and that there are no problems, where in reality their corruption or ignorance has caused a lot of problems. This relates to Hamlet because...
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