Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Gertrude Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Writer-William Shakespeare Movie Producer-Mel Gibson Characters:
Hamlet-Prince of Denmark, son of King Hamlet and Queen Gertrude King Hamlet-ghost seeking revenge of his death Queen Gertrude-Queen mother to Hamlet and future bride of Claudius brother of King Hamlet Claudius-King Hamlet’s deceitful brother and his murderer

Horatio-best friend to Hamlet
Ophelia-Polonius daughter, sister to Laertes and love of Hamlet’s Laertes-revenger of his father’s death Polonius
Polonius-Chief counselor to King Claudius
Guildenstern and Rosencrantz-betrayers of Hamlet
Hamlet’s reasons for hesitation:
1.Honoring his father’s request and his feeling not to hurt his mother 2.Questioning the vision and words of his father’ spirit, goodly king or evil spirit 3.Confused of the righteous decisions in his melancholy mind 4.Hamlet questioning his character, morals and religious conviction of his plot to murder 5.Proof of Claudius deceit and murder of his father

6.Concern of what others would think, Claudius is loved
7.Picking the right moment to kill Claudius
8.In rage Hamlet kill Polonius
9.Guilt proven by Claudius reaction to the play
10.King Hamlet died with his sins, Hamlet wanting to send Claudius with his sins 11.King Claudius sends Hamlet to England to be killed
12. Hamlet returns to witness Ophelia’s funeral
Something is Rotten in Denmark
1.The deceit and murder of King Hamlet by his brother
2.Claudius bewitchment of Queen Gertrude
3.Post-mortems marriage of Queen Gertrude to Claudius
4.The theft of the throne by Claudius
5.The matriarch Queen Gertrude acting as young lover
6.Broken oath of silence of King Hamlet’s spirit
7.Hamlet’s melancholy mind plotting revenge for his father’s murder 8.Hamlet’s honoring his father’s request not judge his mother 9.The acquaintances to Hamlet betray him
10. The accidental death of Polonius...
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