Hamarabi 8th Grade Essay from My Brother

Topics: Law, Code of Hammurabi, Family law Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Ancient History
Nov. 21, 2011
Amir Lankarani 4 hour
Archaeology Summary Paragraph
The first thing I am going to talk about is the harshness of Hammurabi’s Code of Laws. The first law is very harsh, because it states that if someone accuses someone else of a crime without having evidence to back it up the person who accused the other person gets put to death. This is harsh, because the person who accused the other person might have actually thought this person had done the crime, and because if someone accuses someone of something it is really not reason for death, probably just them being sentenced to jail for a short while. Another harsh penalty is #s 10-12. These laws state that if you cut off, destroy, or break the body part of another person who is an aristocrat, you will have that body part cut off, destroyed, or broken. This is harsh, because you might have destroyed the eye for example on accident, and now you have no eyes either, because of it. The last harsh law I am going to talk about is #3 and #4. It states that if you do not fix a dike when you are supposed to and need to, and instead do a leisurely activity and then it floods, you must pay the amount of grain ruined and its profit, and if he did not have the money he would be sold, with all of his goods. This is harsh, because it makes people lose a whole bunch of money just for taking a break. The next thing I would like to talk about is how Hammurabi’s Code of Laws recognized that you are held accountable for your actions. #1 is an example, because it shows that you are held accountable for taking someone to court without evidence, and you should look over how you accuse someone first. #3 and #4 are more examples, because it shows if you slack off, and do not do your work fixing dikes, you will be punished a lot. One last example is #14. #14 shows that if a doctor works on a man with a wound with a bronze lancet, and the doctor either kills him or destroy his eye, the doctor will have his...
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