Hair and Baby Products in Malaysia

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Hair and Baby Product in Malaysia
As we venture into the modern era , more and more people are prioritize aesthetic value of their appearance. More hair products and baby product emerged from the results of the modernization not only for the purpose of industrialization but also to protect or even enhance the quality of life of the user.

Hair products are products used on the hair for various purpose depending on its classification.For example, hair products are used to clean as for hygiene purposes of the hair and hairstyling products are used to style the hair as for aesthetic purposes.

Hairstyling products are used to change the texture or shape of the hair, or to hold it in place in a certain style. Applied properly, most styling products will not damage the hair apart from drying it out. most styling products contain alcohols, which can dissolve oils. Many hair products contain chemicals which can cause build-up, resulting in dull hair or a change in perceived texture.

As we move into the world where aesthetic plays an very important role, more hairstyling products emerge. They can be categorized under hair wax, hair mousse, pomade, hair gel, hair spray, hair volumizer, and miscellaneous.

Hair wax is a thick hairstyling product containing wax, and it is basically used to assist with holding of the hair. However, it does not harden like products such as hair gel, but remains pliable. This properties of hair wax give the more natural look for hair. An example of a brand is Gatsby.

Hair mousse is a toiletry added to hair to provide extra volume and shine. It oftens comes in either spray or cream form. It acts by adding volume without any clumps or buildup.Hair mousse is usually applied to hair when hair is wet or damp, not dry. To use it, it is applied all around and hair is comb afterwards to make sure mousse is evenly spread.

Pomade which is also known as pomatum is a greasy or waxy substance that makes hair look slick and...
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