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Hai Di Lao Hotpot is a private company. Established in 1994, it has 71 chain stores in 15 cities in China and won a great number of awards. Talking about their core value "intention customer service", they fully devote themselves into serving the customers, spare no effort to satisfy the customers and put customers in the first place. To be concrete, they carry out the idea in the following steps. First of all, they tried to do a little bit better than others. In the food industry, the criteria of judging a restaurant is quite simple. Customers usually judge from 5 aspects: taste, price, location, environment and service. You know, Hai Di Lao Hotpot should be classified into Sichuan Hotpot which is very hot and spicy. But some customers don't get used to it. So they came up with various tastes. The price, Hai Di Lao Hotpot has a reasonable price: 70-80 yuan per person. Among the restaurants who has the same service level, it is the cheapest one; among the restaurants who has the same price level, it serves the best. Location is the predetermined aspect. It always choose the most convenient place for customers to come. The environment, every chain store tries to be gorgeous which to make customers feel more happy. Last and also the most important one, the service. Hai Di Lao is famous for its excellent service. There are big smiles on the staffs' faces which give the customers a good mood. Secondly, they try to distinguish themselves with others. How to be different? Do what others cannot do. In Hai Di Lao, the difference is the perfect service. What Hai Di Lao staffs do everyday is that they think what the customers think and do what customers want them to do. From the moment the customer go into the store, staffs start their service. They will ask you whether you have book a table and lead you to the waiting area. They will serve you free water, fruits, snacks and even cards to smooth the waiting time. You can also have a nail service or shoe shiner. When you...
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