Gynecology Essay

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Brie SmithHealth Sciences
June 10, 2012Health Care Career Essay

There are many career choices in Health Care, but there are only a few that excite me. One of those is gynecology. After hearing about this type of physician, I wanted to learn more about their job. Becoming a gynecologist would let me experience different realities while letting me help others. I am also interested in the care of women, such as their reproductive health, prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and other horrible diseases like ovarian cancer. A gynecologist is a medical doctor who specializes in issues regarding women’s reproductive systems. Gynecologists are trained to recognize and treat potential diseases of the reproductive system. They are also trained surgically to perform surgeries like hysterectomies, which is the removal of the uterus, pap smears and biopsies. Gynecologist deal with fertility, pregnancy, and contraception too. During an examination, this doctor typically does a bimanual exam, meaning that they have one hand on the abdomen and two fingers in the vagina. This is used to check the cervix, uterus, ovaries, and pelvis. There are many other procedures of this type of doctors job, but it takes a lot of training to become certified to do so . Since gynecologists are a type of physician, they have to go through medical school and residency. Gynecologists go through four years of college. Then they tackle four more years of medical school, along with four years of residency. Residency is the time doctors spend, after they get their medical degree, practicing medicine under the supervision of a licensed physician in a hospital or clinic. Gynecologists also have to be board certified. This means that they have to stay up to date on the current medical and technological advancements in the field. Gynecology is a big job, considering the fact that it keeps half the population of the world healthy and able to reproduce. So, you would think that they make...
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