Gym Candy: How Mick's Dad Is Responsible for the Pressure

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Mr. Gorton Manuel Hanuch

Gym Candy essay 211/9/12

Pressure is what can drive a person to the very limits of their physical or mental capacity. When there is Pressure, it makes failure not an option. It will make a person go to whatever extent is needed, whether it be legal, Illegal, or breaks their moral values, to achieve what is wanted. The one who is producing pressure may or may not realize what he or she is doing, but regardless, the one who is feeling the pressure will feel the effects and do what they think is necessary. In the story Gym Candy by Carl Deuker, Mick Johnson is under very much pressure by his dad, Mike Johnson. This is mainly because he was a high school and college football star, and also got drafted into the NFL. This creates enormous pressure on Mick to succeed in his football career and surpass his dad in order to make him proud. Mick’s father, Mike Johnson is responsible for the source of great pressure that mick feels which lead to Mick thinking that steroids will be the panacea to these troubles.

Mick’s dad was a football prodigy, both in high school and in college when he played for the huskies. He even got drafted into the NFL to play for the Chargers. But he failed because he was a screw –off. Mick’s dad says “I know I’ve worked you hard all these years. Your mom says I put too much pressure on you, and I guess I do” (Deuker 65). Here mick’s dad admits that he puts pressure on mick to succeed in his football career, and mick is clearly affected by this. When he played pop warner football, he ended up working extra hard, giving 110 percent effort to outplay and outwork all of his teammates, because he knew that he needed to make an impression from the start if he wanted to be notable. Even though Mick has not started to think about using steroids, it is clear that Mick will do whatever it takes to get to the top of whatever group he is playing football with.

As a kid, mick would always look at the wall...
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