Topics: First-person shooter, Video game genres, War Pages: 2 (264 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Naziv| Vrsta|
1.Call Of Duty Black Ops| FPS|
2.Call Of Duty Black Ops II| FPS|
3.Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3| FPS|
4.Diablo 3| Strategy|
5.World of Warcraft| Strategy|
6.League of Legends| Strategy|
7.Pro Evolution Soccer 2013| Sport|
8.NBA 2K13| Sport|
9.FIFA 13| Sport|
10.NHL 13| Sport|
11.StarCraft | Strategy|
12.Hitman Absolution| Action|
13.Prototype 2| Action-Adven.|
14.Spider-Man Edge of Time| Adventure|
15.FarCry 3| FPS|
16.FarCry 2| FPS|
17.Crysis| FPS|
18.Crysis 2| FPS|
19.Crysis 3| FPS|
20.Mass Effect 1| ARP|
21.Mass Effect 2| ARP|
22.Mass Effect 3| ARP|
23.Assassins Creed 3| Action-Adven.|
24.Medal Of Honor Warfighter| Shooter|
25.Gta 4| Action-Adven.|
26.Battlefield 3| Shooter|
27.The Sims 3| Simulation|
28.Angry Birds StarWars| Strategy|
29.Football Manager 2013| Sport|
30.Doom 3| Shooterl|
31.Guilad Wars| MMO|
32.Counter-Strike:Global Offensive| Shooter|
33.Darksiders 2| Action|
34.Sniper Elite V2| Shooter|
35.Tropico 4:Modern Times| Simulation|
36.Shank 2| Action|
37.Left For Dead| Horror|
38.Resident Evil 6| Horror|
39.God of War 3| Ne znam|
40.Dead Space| Action|
41.Max Payne 3| Action|
42.Borderlands 2| FPS|
43.Halo 4| FPS|
44.Sindycate| Action|
45.The Walking Dead| Horror|
46.Dota 2| Nzm|
47.PlanetSide 2| Action|
48.Sleeping Dogs| Nzm|
49.Civilization 5| Strategy|
50.Skyrim 5| FPS|
51.Dragon Age 2| Nzm|
52.Need for Speed The Run| Racing|
52.Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 Criterion game| Racing|
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