Gun Control, Hurting or Helping Americans?

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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“Gun Control…Hurting or Helping Americans?”

Gun ownership is strongly guarded American right, but recent gun violence demands that lawmakers make the changes necessary to control guns more tightly. The National Rifle Association (NRA) demands that we protect our second amendment of the right to bear arms; however, major modification is needed. The U.S compares horribly to other countries in our statistics of gun violence. Recent shootings, such as the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, or the Aurora, CO movie theatre shooting, tell us clearly that we need to put some control on this. Even the fact that juvenile use of fire arms is even is existence should be enough to wake Congress up, and make them realize something needs to be done to protect U.S citizens.

“The NRA was founded in in 1871 to defend the second amendment to the U.S Constitution” (Xaxx). In basic terms, the NRA protects people of the U.S who want to own guns. However this becomes a controversial issue to the point where citizens are asking if the NRA is such a good idea, due to the crime rate by use of guns. Supporters believe “it protects citizens by defending their guns, however, “detractors claim it makes the country more dangerous by encouraging weapon proliferation” (Xaxx). Even though the NRA is just trying to protect our rights, maybe there could be some modification to protect us from getting hurt, not just our rights.

The NRA does have some good reasoning about it. “In a country where a large number of criminals are armed, denying a citizen the right to gun ownership makes him vulnerable” (Xaxx). This is true, but, how would that make us any safer. Suddenly everybody would have guns, criminals and law abiding citizens, either way the rate of murders or injury will increase because it was by use of guns. I do respect the concept of the NRA, of trying to protect our rights, but the bigger picture should be, trying to protect people from harm. If guns were in the possession of...
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