Gun Control

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Gun Control, No Thank You
On December 17, 2012 Jesus Manuel Garcia became upset because his girlfriend had broken up with him. Jesus text messaged his girlfriend saying he was going to go to the restaurant he worked at, and shoot someone. His girlfriend called the police about his message but by that time Jesus Manuel Garcia was at the restaurant he worked at, armed. He walked in and attempted to open fire but his weapon jammed. The patrons and employees fled the restaurant to the movie theater next door. Jesus followed them into the lobby and opened fire, hitting a man in the chest. By this time, an off duty police officer, who was working security, followed Jesus Manuel Garcia into the men’s’ restroom. He did not fire at her but because his gun was drawn the off duty officer fired one shot and wounded Jesus, the off duty officer then seized his weapon and arrested the would be killer. Both Jesus, and the man shot were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover. This story was not all over the news, unlike the Newtown shooting. In my belief, it was because no one was killed and the “bad guy” with the gun was stopped by a “good guy” with a gun. Because the media could not use this story as another example to ban or make stricter laws against guns. I do not think that laws should be any stricter to get guns, but the ones in place do need to be enforced.

Banning guns all together would never work in this country, to many people own one or more guns and very few would freely hand their weapons over to the government. To many American’s support the second amendment for anything to be passed and I also believe that if it was passed that people would fight to keep the guns they have. The government would literally have to go to every house in United States and search them for all fire arms if all weapons are banned, and that just isn’t possible. Also, making guns harder to get would not affect most criminals to get guns because the majority...
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