Gun Control

Topics: The Nation, National Rifle Association, Columbine High School massacre Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Gun control has been in the spotlight for the past few months ever since the theatre shooting in colorado, and the sandy hook elementary shooting in Connecticut. This article is about the impact the shootings have had on a nation as a whole. It is about the two opposing sides which are in support of new stricter gun laws or preserving our second amendment right to bear arms. There are first hand interviews with victims parents from the sandy hook shooting and also with leaders of the NRA which strongly support our second amendment right. "Mourning this tragedy has extended beyond Newtown, beyond the borders of Connecticut, and has spread across the nation and the world," says Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy of the Sandy hook Elementary school shooting, which was the spark that ignited the controversial flame.

Deviance is strongly represented in both cases, the shooting in the Colorado Theatre was completely out of the norm as with the Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Nobody wakes up expecting today would be theirs or their Childs last day alive, or to have a nice movie night with your family only for it to result into a massacre because of someones mental instability. There was no Age Prejudice in the Sandy Hook shooting, the shooter simply walked into the school and acted out on the anger he had with his mother by killing innocent children. Both shooters suffered from severe Ego problems and could be classified as Conflict Theorists. Both of the men suffered from serious mental issues and due to their actions our Second Amendment right as Americans is being questioned. Mass Media has been a key reason why word has spread so fast about the shooting, all parts of the country knew about the shooting moments after it happened by simply turning their televisions or radios on. It plays a crucial role in the way we receive information, whether its the internet or your morning newspaper mass media finds a way to reach you. The Sandy Hook shooter “if...
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