Gun Ban

Topics: Firearm, United States, Human rights Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Ruiting Qian
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Gun Ban in America
In 2012, the most serious topics that people always talking about is Gun ban. Most of people voted for ban guns after the Connecticut's shooting incident. There are lots of children died in the elementary school, and Americans realized the bad effects about selling guns legally in many states. There are at least four shooting incidents each year. People may think it is the time to ban America's guns now, but in fact it is not the gun's fault. For my part, guns should not be banned, and people have the right to have gun's ownership. Most people know that guns are one of America's culture, just like the marijuana. People know what are illegal things, but they will still find a way to obtain them. So, banned guns can't prevent criminals. If the guns banned, criminal can still use other weapons to kill people. For example, in 1976, Washington DC is illegal to own any handguns or to keep any type of guns in home unlocked. However, Washington DC has the most criminal rates in united states. Whenever the guns is illegally, criminals can make any weapons, such as bombs, criminals can make bombs by themselves. Most of time, it's the personal's problems, criminals who caught by police always have mental ill or they dissatisfying about this country. Therefore, Government need strength the gun education and some safety classes about using guns. Ban guns is not a good solution, because the problem is not about guns. In addition, ban guns means remove the right to someone. In America, people are highly regard human rights. Giving up rights to bear arms would open up a world of control and unnecessary chaos. Some people have guns just for hunting, and they think guns are useful. Some of gun owner using guns in shooting range, they think it is their entertainment. Although, some cities made the announcement of gun ban, people were still reluctant to hand over their guns to Government. If the...
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