Gun and Gun Control

Topics: Firearm, Crime, President of the United States Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Gun and Gun Control

Course: BCOM/275

January 27, 2013

Instructor: Gail Zwart

Gun and Gun Control, written in the New York Times on 1/25/13

The worldwide controversial topic of gun control has taken our nation by storm. The epidemic, as stated by our President has become a disturbing and mind blowing statistic. But I must say, gun violence has impacted out world since our fore fathers. But since our most recently and horrific active of gun violence the government has decided to take a stand and fight back. From assassination of prominent personalities, to the recently massacre in the schools, I believe gun violence spell controversy like nothing else.

In the early part of this year the President called on Congress to tighten or toughen the gun law in America to basically confront the shooting at Sandy Hook. His idea was to ban assault -weapons and limit high-magazines, expanded background checks for gun purchases and new gun trafficking laws to crack down on the spread of weapons across the country. I think it is too late and how is this going to help or solve this issue of gun violence in America. The US Constitution gives us the right to bear arms for the purpose of self- defense, but I found the statistic quite interesting that 60 percent of all homicide cases involve the use of firearm. Guns may be used in crimes, but they do not cause crime. The gun by itself does not harm others it’s the individuals using them. In the recently acts of violence where guns were used there was a common denominator with all of the shooters. That common denominator is mental health issues. The government should also look into the coalition between mental and guns. If the government enforces stricter gun laws it may only leads to the obvious conclusion that the government cannot control gun violence properly.

Gun and Gun Control

Gun control is about fear, not about reason. To make gun laws stricter I think it would be...
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